On 8 August 2020 Fat Controller held its second installment of “Backstage Class” – Venue sound & Lighting. This workshop was designed to give participants an insight into the job roles and real life tasks of a production team in a small to medium sized venue.

The mentors covered all areas of the industry from career pathways all the way through to the opportunities to meet cool artists while at work. Participants were able to gain a sound understanding of all the requirements expected of them in this industry whilst gaining valuable inside knowledge.

Students had the opportunity to tour the venue to learn how they are run both front and back of house. After this, the hands-on work began and participants were able to become familiar with real world instruments, vital to show production.

Participants of the workshop has such a great experience with one student saying:

“I really appreciated how friendly and approachable [the speakers] were, I asked a million questions and they were happy to talk about their experience.”

The third workshop has been announced see the event for more details on how to sign up: