Fat Controller and 27 Music, in partnership, have introduced a brand new Music Industry Mentor Program for 2020. There is currently little guidance for the Youth of Adelaide looking to break into a music career. We created “Backstage Class”, as a pathway for those aged 16-23 who are interested in pursuing a music career.

The event featured 5 local songwriters including Aston from TOWNS, Gabriella from Stellie, Elsy Wameyo, Peter from The Mondays and Stefan from The Montreals. They unpacked their songwriting process with tips and tricks through a live panel lead by Rachel Whitford of 27 Music & Fat Controller. The participants also had the chance to work together with the pros to create their own original song.

The feedback from the event has been outstanding with a little message from one of our participants saying:

‘I was at the songwriting session yesterday I just wanted to thank you again for organising such an amazing opportunity and inviting me along. I had an absolute blast hanging out with you all, learnt heaps, and am now keener and more inspired than ever to dive into the music industry and keep making songs. - Lewis

    If songwriting is not your thing but you’re still interested in a career in music, don’t you worry!

    We have created an 8-workshop series covering all aspects of the music industry from songwriting, DJing and audio/lighting techniques all the way through to those who work behind the scenes including marketing and financing.

    We also want to give a massive shout out to Wunderhaus Media Agency who we partnered with, who created this awesome snapshot of the day!

    As a panel member, it was amazing to gain a closer look into people who I already considered friends to then open up about their honest, unique methods of tackling songwriting. Hanging out with my small team and writing a cool song over a couple of hours was such an incredible experience, I left that day so inspired ready to write and keep meeting and learning from everyone I already thought I knew

    - Aston (TOWNS)