Backstage Class: Success!

It hasn’t taken long for our Backstage class participants to start taking on the Adelaide music scene! Recently, one of our participants, Ronan has taken on his first live gig at Fat Controller, as a support act for Stellie at In the Shrubs.

We caught up with Ronan for a Q & A about his time at Fat Controller.

Q:What Backstage Class Workshops did you do?

A: Song writing 101 & DIY: Starting a Band.

Q: Which was your favourite Backstage Class? Why?

A: My favourite Backstage Class was Song Writing Sessions. I got to work with so many other creatives and even got to collaborate with Stefan from The Montreals. I learnt some really important skills around collaboration and communicating my ideas musically with other writers.

Q:Rumour has it you got up to something after the song writing workshop, can you let us in on the secret?

A: After the Song Writing Sessions workshop, Stefan got in contact with us about recording the song we had written called Baby Names. He recorded a demo of the song and sent it to us, where we then met up and recorded vocals together. The demo sounded really polished for a song written in just a few hours and it is something we were really proud of.

Q: How did the opportunity to perform as a support for Stellie come about?

A: It actually just came up in conversation after the Starting A Band workshop that Stellie was booked for an acoustic show at Fats. After it was initially brought up in a joking manner, I was offered the gig there and then and was of course super keen to play the show.

Q: How was it performing at your first live event at Fat Controller?

A:Before this gig, I had only ever played at cafes and open mics before, so this was a huge and new experience for me. I have always admired Stellie’s work and was excited to be playing my first show supporting her. The whole night was amazing, and I couldn’t have asked for a better first gig.

Q: What are your current career aspirations / goals?

A: I’m really excited to play some more gigs around Adelaide in the new year, but I’m especially keen to release some music I’m working hard on at the moment and be able to play them live.

Q: Would you recommend Backstage Class to anyone thinking about taking a course? Why?

A:I would definitely recommend Backstage Class to anyone interested in music. It’s really helped me meet new people in the music community and learn with a diverse group of people and helped me understand different aspects of the music industry from industry experts.

Q: How does the Backstage Class compare to other forms of music study you have undertaken? Was it easy to understand, digest and take away?

A: A lot of music courses I have taken haven’t been as collaborative and conversational as Backstage Class. I have always felt like I’m able to share my experiences and ask questions, which has really helped me get a lot more out of the class and really understand what I’m learning.

Q: Has Backstage Class inspired you to continue your study, or perhaps take another route into the music industry?

A:Being surrounded by so many other musicians and creatives at Backstage Class has reminded me of how much I want to work in the industry and create music, and I would love to continue learning at Backstage Class and growing as an artist.

Q: What is the most that I piece of advice you received at the workshop(s) you attended?

A: The most important piece of advice I’ve received was to be able to surround myself with music, whether that be having a specific place where I create, or just being able to talk to other like-minded musicians. I think it is important to be able to focus on my music by taking time to immerse myself in it.