Blast off: Head Of Nasa tour sky rockets to Fats

Psytrance pioneers, Infected Mushroom brought their Head of Nasa live tour to Fat Controller Sunday night and boy was it out of this world...

It's not often Psytrance acts come to the venue but when it does, you can expect it to pull a crowd, especially when it's these guys reigning the stage.

Israeli duo, Erez Eizen and Amit Duvdevani are the masterminds behind Infected Mushroom. The duo came together during 1996 in the city of Haifa and have spent the last two decades making psychedelic waves all over the globe.

Infected Mushroom don't conform to the norm. They're constantly pushing the boundaries and taking music to places never thought possible. Their aptitude for entrancing listeners through producing and performing blends of psytrance, electronica, dream trance and psychedelic music, with punk rock and instrumentals comes effortless.

So how have they managed to prevail as one of the biggest acts on the psytrance scene?

By embracing change.

"We always like to evolve, it is important to stay relevant," they said.

"In the beginning we were true Psy, and over time we really let our influences become part of the art. We like to incorporate Rock, Breaks, Ambient and other forms of electronic music to our signature sound."

"We are inspired by seeing what young producers are doing, and ultimately by seeing people loose it on the dance floor."

When asked about the inspiration for Head Of Nasa and the 2 Amish Boys, here's what they had to say:

"This name was so good, so we had to name the album after it," they said.

"It started as an internal joke about some of our tour crew and evolved to a fully fledged sci-fi story, and this story led to a full concept album about space. We leave the rest up to your imagination."

So what started off as a merely joke propagated into their eleventh studio album and tour, which they brought to life for Adelaide fans on the weekend.

Sunday night's show was absolutely electrifying. Infected Mushroom transcended the crowd into altered states of reality through their high-energy exuberance, mind-bending melodies and sci-fi textures.

While we love bringing world class entertainment to the city of Adelaide, we take extra special care for the artists we bring to you because after all, we wouldn't be here without them.

The pair loved every moment with us, detailing their experience as "INCREDIBLE" and we at Fat Controller couldn't be more happy with the whole operation and the Fat Man is especially chuffed!

"We really love this unique venue. Situated underground, nestled by the train station, it's a proper spot for a wicked night..."

"Great staff, sound, production, and vibes. We can't wait to come back, and we are super grateful to our fans who made it out for the show!"

Photography: Isaac Urban