Kane and Liam - known to many as “the CHURCH boys”, have been hosting huge bass events at Fat Controller for a whole year now - and it’s time to celebrate.

Meeting during year 8 at school, the boys bonded over everything music from taste to production. After collaborating on a track during year 10, Liam and Kane decided that they worked well as a duo, and whilst sitting on a bench in Glenelg (on January 12th 2015 to be exact), Theeves was born.

From there, the pair went on to produce and DJ together taking it seriously after graduating in 2016. “We are currently working on upcoming singles and a live show for the “Theeves” project due for Summer 18/19 but you can still find us around Djing under the alias nineoneone.”

I had a chat to these local legends to find out a bit more about their past events and what to expect in the future.

  • Age and go-to drink order

K: 19, Tall Scotch & Coke

L: 19, Tall Scotch & Coke

  • When did you first discover you had an interest in music? Have you always been influenced by the same genres or has your music taste changed over time?

K: In year 7 I was introduced to Skrillex and fell in love with everything electronic music represented. When Liam and I met the following year at school, we bonded over our tastes and really strengthened each other’s knowledge further through this relationship. Other friends introduced me to a range of bands such as Tame Impala, Muse etc. and growing up and learning more about the scene I’ve got such an appreciation for all acts big and small, especially the locals. DJing and having to play a range of genres has further broadened my taste in a way that I might not have discovered on my own.

L: For me, music’s always been around and a big love of mine. This love dates back to long car trips with my Dad listening to whatever CD’s he had in the car at the time. My Dad’s always had a very eclectic taste in music so from a young age I was exposed to bits of everything. From there, I grew up on mostly Dad’s indie and 80’s rock collection (that I would pile my iPod Nano full of for my walk or ride to school) and whatever was on the radio. It wasn’t until the end of Year 6 while messing around in the music labs at school that a kid played something he’d found called “Skrillex” that would open my eyes to electronic music and lead me to sounds I’d never heard before and some of the styles you can hear at CHURCH today. Nowadays my music collection is as diverse as it’s ever been, and I still get the same buzz of discovering something new, just I like I did all those years ago listening with Dad. Being older and with more experience, I’ve such an appreciation for all artists and it’s great to be in a city and position to be a part of such a diverse and exciting musical community.

  • It’s Church with the Fat Man’s 1st Birthday! You guys must be super proud. Tell us a bit about what Church is and how it came about

Yeah it’s a crazy milestone and we can’t believe how quick the year has gone!

CHURCH began and continues to be a monthly event that brings the World/Australia’s biggest bass acts to Fat Controller. The name and aesthetic of CHURCH was brainstormed by our resident DJ’s and marketing team in August 2017. This lead to the very first CHURCH Service on September 7th, 2017, which was a sellout event hosted by Borgore. We really couldn’t have asked for a better opening night!!

It’s been a really special year for us. We’ve had the opportunity to support, meet and make memories with artists that we’ve looked up to since we were young teenagers. There have been too many moments to recall where we have literally turned to each other and said “The year 8 Kane and Liam would be freaking out right now.”

  • Was running Church your first encounter with Fat Controller Club? If not how long have you been involved with Fats?

We first had the opportunity to DJ at Fat Controller opening the 2017 Laneway AP [Feb 2017]. Freshly out of year 12, we had little knowledge of the music scene, so it blew our minds just being flies on the wall for the night. Our second opportunity was in support of Feed Me in March followed by Kayzo in July. In August we were asked to get on board with running CHURCH and now here we are!

We are still so grateful for the opportunities we were given to support the artists and the venue, as well as the opportunity to put our mark on the nightlife landscape here in Adelaide. We would not be here today without the individuals that helped us get on board with the first three shows and not a day goes by we don’t remember that.

  • What is your overall favourite Church with the Fat Man memory?

This is a really hard one as there are so many. Our most recent night, LUUDE, was probably the night we are most proud of. The crowd was incredible all night long, LUUDE crushed his set and was also the first artist that has successfully crowd surfed at a CHURCH Service. Other honourable mentions include Borgore, What So Not, Slushii, Snails and Zomboy who have been heroes of ours for years.

  • What can we expect from the first birthday?

This is a celebration of the 26 artists that have blessed The Fat Man’s CHURCH and in celebration we be rinsing a selection of the best bass music on offer for all our disciples to enjoy. We honestly cannot wait!!

Special mention to Allen Macintosh for all his involvement in Church with the Fat Man <3


CHURCH 1st BIRTHDAY @ Fat Controller, Friday Sep 7th


$10+bf PRESALE w JESUS JUICE cocktail

$15 DOOR

Join us for Communion 10-11pm $4 Shots of the 'Holy Spirit'