"I found Djing through the love of making music" The Kickback with Go Freek

Back when you were resident Dj in Wollongong, what perception did you have that you would have a career in music?

I found Djing through the love of making music, I was making music a few years before I found dance music, night clubs and DJing appealing. I often looked back on my growth as a producer and knew if I kept at it it was going to be more real and real if that makes sense. I thought of it as a graph in my head, the amount of work I put into learning the craft the more success and results I would get.

How has the direction of Go Freek personally shifted for you over the years?

The music that you write really changes on your mood, whats happening in life whats inspiring you, over the years Ive been blessed to have a great team around me and having Russ be an incredible sound engineer with out of the box vision has always been a key to what Go Freek is. Its always been a project that had no rules so that left it with the ultimate creative freedom.

During a show in Texas, the warm-up Dj failed to provide the courtesy of a transition and bailed with the mic. Were you nervous that it affected the show?

Thankfully he was also a pretty average selector and when we finally scrambled to get a record on what we played had a massive impact in the club so therefore the set just rolled with was after that!

With a ripper new single, ‘One Question’ featuring Yeah Boy, what led to the collaboration?

We had met multiple times in club environments and floated the idea but one day I actually pulled my finger out and reached out with a few ideas I had sort of down and he jumped on one and absolutely crushed it! dream to work with!

You’ve described Yeah Boy as a perfectionist and brutally honest, how important are these qualities in creating music?

Its everything! Truly is but can also be disappointing when you get excited about what you've been working on and then you get the hard word its not everything you think it is, always takes a day or 2 to settle in but 9/10 its always right. I'm absolutely hopeless when it comes to receiving constructive feedback right after I've worked on something, think of telling someone their new born baby is ugly... Imagine how they would feel.. that's how I feel sometimes.

Who would be your Dream Collaborator? Can be past or present.

Justice with Prince in the room.. 🤯

And that's the kickback, thanks for Go Freek for coming to chat with us!

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