This year the Fat Man brought you something new, different, and unheard of in the Adelaide music scene, Live at the Fat Man. Not only has he brought huge acts into the basement, he has brought them onto our screens with live, on the couch interviews giving you uncensored footage with your favourite artists.

Continuing his endeavours to revolutionise Adelaide’s music industry, follow the Fat Man as we take a raw and honest journey with the artists giving you, the fans the inside scoop into their lives as performers and people. In an unscripted tell-all, the artists open up about their musical beginnings & upbringings, career progression, all the way through to a rare insight on their uncensored personal lives.

This season the Fat Man has brought to you:

To finish off season 1 in 2019 we have these huge names lined up for you:

  • Baker Boy;
  • Godlands;
  • Example;
  • Miami Horror; and
  • Timberwolf

If you haven’t already seen an episode, head to Live at the Fat Man and check it out! The Fat Man promises to keep bringing big names into his castle and onto our screens, so be sure to stay tuned for season 2 in 2020 for more to come!