The Kickback with POOLCLVB

How do you feel after the Los Palmos tour, especially the kind of schedule you guys had?

Was one of the wildest weekend runs ever, five shows in three days, pretty crazy. Having Fabich join me all the way from London for the first Los Palmas was such a treat, the dude was only here for 5 days so I take my hat off to him, we were running on fumes by the end of it..but I wouldn't trade one single moment, we’re already party planning the next one!

When you first started out as a musician, was touring what you had expected?

I never expect anything, that way I can never be disappointed. I’m just super grateful to be able to do what I love for as long as I have.

Do you think living along the east coast has informed your style of music?

Australia has a really small scene comparatively, I truly believe its a close knit and supportive community, wide spread, but within that are little pockets of vibe. Whether it be club communities in the capital cities pushing a certain genre, or rural and coastal town having a thriving underground and not being spoon fed top 40. I don’t think the East Coast particularly has shaped my sound, more so experience, travel and exposure to these vibe pockets all over Aus. We’re also very lucky in this age of streaming, where you can gain style influence and be informed on what pippin' on a global scale.

Who would be your Dream Collaborator? Can be past or present.

Such a deep seeded question, if I was to say present, it would be Buoy, she has THE most amazing voice. I may or may not be about to bring this dream into reality! If I was to throw some nostalgia in there, I’d say Roisin Murphy, Jim Morrison, J Dilla, Chemical Brothers!

You’ve said that you draw your inspiration from the 90’s with the lyrical content and uplifting vibes but why is it important to you? Did other mediums such as film & tv inform your style?

The whole POOLCLVB identity spawned from the Venice Beach, Dogtown era, the skating of pools and endless summer vibe that runs through my veins. Whilst this wasn't exactly the 90’s, it still radiates a more of an analogue vibe.. everything was a little less polished and rebellious, shit was less hi-res and more tangible. I feel we’re almost getting back to that now, everyone is shooting on film again for example, you can’t trust anything too clean. I studied film for 4 years, so I certainly bring those influences into the visual aesthetic.

Being the label manager for Club Sweat is an amazing role as it is one of the most influential dance labels in Australia! What’s one of your favourite releases in the past and what is one that your most looking forward to coming out?

Hands down classic for me is Silversix ‘Love What You Feel’… hasn’t left my set since it came out in 2014. Coming up we got some HUGE new bizz from Purple Disco Machine, Illyus & Barrientos and without a doubt the biggest thing I’ve ever heard from my numero uno homie, Motez

And what would be your last meal on Earth?


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