Venice Queen’s launch tour for their Bad Heart’s EP made its final stop at Fat Controller on August 17.

From surf-rock to alternative, the boys from Adelaide suburbia started their set with ‘forget your mind’ and left the crowd wanting more with an encore performance of ‘tijuana’.

With Gold Coast’s very own, Peach Fur and another home-grown talent, Strangway, the line-up offered three acts that balanced the audience connection of a garage band and the stage presence of an arena performer, from eccentric moves to killer wardrobe pieces.

From their ground-breaking hit ‘The Strut’ to their groovy rendition of OutKast’s ‘Roses’, the night felt more like a house party meets intimate jam session.

“We had such a great turnout and pulled off a wicked show for all those who came,” Anthony Parisotto, guitar and vocals, said, “very special night and we’re looking forward to the next one!”.

Venice Queens are set to tour the EP interstate, before settling down to produce more singles ahead of their future debut album.